Firebase Authentication is a Ktor plugin which verifies requests authorized by a Firebase Auth Id Token.


// Configure FirebaseAuthentication
install(FirebaseAuthentication) {

    // Sets the FirebaseApp instance to verify tokens.
    // If not specified, default FirebaseApp instance will be used.
    firebaseApp = FirebaseApp.getInstance()

    // Sets the authorization type used in the requests.
    // Default is AuthorizationType.Bearer
    authorizationType = AuthorizationType.Parameter("token")

    // Sets whether to check if the tokens were revoked or if the user is disabled.
    // Defaults to false.
    checkRevoked = true

Handle request

    val decodedToken = call.getDecodedToken()
    if (decodedToken == null){
        val status = when (call.getFailureReason()){
            FirebaseAuthentication.FailureReason.InvalidFirebaseApp -> HttpStatusCode.InternalServerError
            FirebaseAuthentication.FailureReason.TokenInvalid -> HttpStatusCode.Unauthorized
            FirebaseAuthentication.FailureReason.TokenNullOrBlank -> HttpStatusCode.BadRequest
            null -> throw RuntimeException() // This can never occur, as decodedToken is null.
    } else {
        call.respond(HttpStatusCode.OK, decodedToken.uid)

ApplicationCall.getDecodedToken() – Extension function for [ApplicationCall] which gets the decoded token (if a valid token was present, or null) from the attributes.
ApplicationCall.getFailureReason() – Extension function for [ApplicationCall] which gets the failure reason if no valid token was found.


firebaseApp : FirebaseApp – The FirebaseApp to use to verify id tokens with Firebase servers. If set to null, default instance of FirebaseApp will be used.
authorizationType : AutorizationType – The type of authorization used in the requests. Currently supports AuthorizationType.Bearer, AuthorizationType.Parameter, AuthorizationType.Custom. Defaults to AuthorizationType.Bearer.
checkRevoked : Boolean – A boolean denoting whether to check if the tokens were revoked or if the user is disabled. Defaults to false.


Any contributions and feature requests are welcome.


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