Neas License Extractificator

Extract licenses from Maven POMs (with local overrides)

Applying to your project


pluginManagement {
    repositories {
        maven {
            name = "jitpack"
            url = uri("")
    resolutionStrategy {
        eachPlugin {
            when ( {
                "moe.nea.licenseextractificator" -> useModule("com.github.romangraef:neaslicenseextractificator:${requested.version}")


plugins {
    id("moe.nea.licenseextractificator") version "<git hash>"


You can add license overrides or additional licenses in the licensing extension. This can be used if a dependency doesn’t specify their license in their Maven POM, or if you have been granted a special license.

licensing {
    // Specify a license for specifiy modules
    module("org.jetbrains", "annotations") {
        // Specify a name of the project this license is for
        name = "Not Jetbrains Annotations"
        // Specify a description for the project
        description = "Definitely not Jetbrains annotations"

        // Specify a SPDX license

        // You can specify dual (, triple, etc. ) licensing as well.
        license("My License", "")

        // Specify developer credits
        developer("Not The Jetbrains Team") {
            webPresence = ""
        developer("Some other person")
    // Specify a license *without* an associated gradle dependency
    solo {
        name = "Some other dependency not captured by maven"
        description = "This other dependency is also licensed lol"
        developer("Me") {
            webPresence = ""

The actual license task itself can also be configured:

val licenseTask = tasks.named("license", LicenseDiscoveryTask::class) {
    // Required: scan a configuration
    // If you don't scan a configuration, then no licenses can be found.
    // Specify an output file
    // Specify a formatter. This is the JsonLicenseFormatter by default
    // Another formatter is TextLicenseFormatter

tasks.processResources {
    // Include the generated LICENSES.json in your java resources
    // They can now be accessed at runtime using SomeClass.class.getResourceAsStream("/LICENSES.json")
    // And from there your application can take over whatever processing it wants to do in order to display the licenses


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