Torus CustomAuth Android Samples

Examples of using Torus CustomAuth Android SDK.


  1. Clone the repository and open with Android Studio

  2. Run the app, you’ll see a demo app demonstrating full functionalities of Torus CustomAuth Android SDK

  • OAuth/Social logins

  • Aggregate logins returning same keys for different providers

  • Native/custom logins using getTorusKey and getAggregateTorusKey

  1. All configurations are written to res/values/strings.yml, update the values accordingly to try with your specific configurations.


Native Google Sign-In sometimes return the same ID token even if we already called revokeAccess and signOut, Torus Nodes will always reject token previously used to authenticate to avoid one node can reconstruct the user’s key.

To make sure that Google Android Sign-In always succeed, makes sure to store the user’s key in secure local storage and only call getTorusKey if native Google Sign-In returns a different token.


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