Example of architecture and a lot of base classes for any Android application

App uses MVP architecture with custom implementation of Fragment which is simple to use unlike Android standard Fragment. See BaseActivity / BasePresenter, BaseFragment / BaseFragmentPresenter, RequestBase classes.

Also I use app architecture something like Android ViewModel, but it is more customizable and flexible, you can customize everything as you want. See RequestBase, RequestsObserver, RequestWaitPerformer classes.

It uses OkHttp, Moshi libraries for network and JSON parsing. There are classes for easy network response parsing. See WebResponseHandler‘s inheritors.

App uses wrapper around Android SharedPreferences that simplifies work and adds support of “null” preference values.

It also provides classes to easily log app events to any analytics, such as Firebase Analytics, AppMetrica, Sentry, Intercom…

Classes and example of easy pagination support in RecyclerView: AdapterProductsState, Products.

Explains how you can use custom annotations, such as @Required, @CollectionWithoutNulls, @CollectionIsNotEmptyAndWithoutNulls to validate JSON response.

FlexibleTextView Custom TextView implementation which allows to answer questions about text layout, such as ellipsized text or not, maximum available lines count depending on the available text width and height.


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