E-CELL NITS Sample App

This prototype app provides a list of events to be held under E-Cell NIT Silchar (for example, Srijan 2.0) and the users can manually set event reminders at their scheduled time so that they do not miss an event.

The Home screen contains a vertical scrollable list of events, clicking on which navigates the user to the Event screen which displays more details of the event, in addition to which an option for visiting the online event link is also provided.

The Reminder screen asks the user to select the time at which they would like to be reminded for the event, and set the reminder. Cancellation of reminders is also possible.

Clicking on the hamburger at the top left corner opens a navbar which displays E-Cell NITS contact details and link to visit their Facebook page, followed by other options including Settings and an About screen.

The Reminder Notification will appear in the Alerting Notifications section of the device along with device notification ringtone or vibration (in silent mode).

Tech Stack

Android Studio, Kotlin


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