Simple, flexible app self-updater for Android.

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  • Simple: Out-of box self-update process within ~500L of code

  • Flexible: Decoupled handlers to easily replace

  • Kotlin-ism: The fastest droidUp {} builder to configure update within seconds






// Root build.gradle (/build.gradle)
allprojects {
    repositories {
        // ...
        maven { url 'https://jitpack.io' }

// Module build.gradle (/app/build.gradle)
dependencies {
    implementation 'com.ilharper:droidup:latest.version.here'
    // Or use snapshot
    // implementation 'com.ilharper:droidup:master-SNAPSHOT'


Quick Setup

Run this after your MainActivity loaded:

droidUp {

That’s it! DroidUp will automatically fetch the update info in background thread,
prompt user to get the update when there’s new version available,
download and verify the apk file and finally install the new app.

Flow & Handlers

DroidUp calls the following handlers in order:

1. checker

var checker: (DroidUpContext) -> DroidUpInfo

checker is for handling version checking, and
useSimpleChecker() is the default checker implementation.

First, put a latest.json file like this on your static site
(e.g. https://my.app/releases/latest.json):

    "version": 8, // versionCode
    "url": "./app-8.apk", // Can be relative or absolute
    "hash": "YVbrfcHla+8RriE+h2qIMavqIq/s0noO8mpIHerDHHxBYRVEgWrVV96CGSx9GbHYCUKw2EMIiCLVsvyjWtshFw==", // SHA512 by default
    "size": 60294047, // long
    "releaseNote": "Add new features" // Will be displayed in UpdatePrompt dialog

We provide droidup-gen
to automatically generate latest.json from apk file.

Then, useSimpleChecker() to set update source:

  droidUp {
+     useSimpleChecker("https://my.app/releases")

The URL will be resolved to https://my.app/releases/app-8.apk.

If you want to check updates using encrypted API, or you have other needs,
just implement the checker yourself, and then

  droidUp {
+     checker = myCustomChecker

2. comparator

var comparator: (DroidUpContext) -> Boolean

comparator is used to determine whether the remote version is newer.
useSimpleComparator() is the default comparator implementation,
you don’t need to call it manually.

useSimpleComparator() emits update only when DroidUpInfo.version > current version.

Use custom comparator:

  droidUp {
+     comparator = myCustomComparator

3. prompter

var prompter: (DroidUpContext, () -> Unit) -> Unit

prompter is for popping update dialog.
useSimplePrompter() is the default prompter implementation,
you don’t need to call it manually.

useSimplePrompter() uses AlertDialog.

Use custom prompter for customizing dialog:

  droidUp {
+     prompter = myCustomPrompter

4. downloader

var downloader: (DroidUpContext, (File) -> Unit) -> Unit

downloader is for downloading the new apk file.
useSimpleDownloader() is the default downloader implementation,
you don’t need to call it manually.
It shows a notification with progress when downloading.

Use custom downloader to use your own download service:

  droidUp {
+     downloader = myCustomDownloader

5. verifier

var verifier: (DroidUpContext) -> Boolean

verifier is for checking the hash of the downloaded apk file.
useSimpleVerifier() is the default verifier implementation,
you don’t need to call it manually.
It uses base64 encoded SHA-512 hash string.

Use custom verifier:

  droidUp {
+     verifier = myCustomVerifier

6. installer

var installer: (DroidUpContext) -> Unit

installer is for installing app.
useSimpleInstaller() is the default installer implementation,
you don’t need to call it manually.

Use custom installer if you want to install apk
automatically using ROOT privileges, or you have other needs:

  droidUp {
+     installer = myCustomInstaller



It’s recommended to use the DroidUp.default singleton:

DroidUp.default = (DroidUp.default ?: (droidUp {

This way, DroidUp instance won’t be created multiple times.

Manual Check

Use check(true) to show toast when processing:

droidUp {

Explicitly Specify Activity

DroidUp.check() automatically uses the current activity by default.
Use check(activity) to explicitly specify activity:

droidUp {

Bugs & Issues

Feel free to open issues.


PRs are welcome! Feel free to contribute on this project.


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