Thingy (temporay name?)

Discord bot that integrates with DiscoArt, adding a slick user interface to play around with with you and your friends!


Check out the DiscoArt repo for what this is all about!

In short: this bot allows you to generate images based on a text prompt, but can do way more than just that – offering a wide variety of tools to make alter your generated images.

Credits and special thanks

  • First and foremost Han Xiau for being around in DMs helping me with what I struggled with but also putting me on the right direction in various moments.
  • DiscoArt: without this project, I was never able to cook this up in a weekend.
  • Jina which has some incredible tooling I got familiar with.

Rest of the README is todo!

Sorry I spent 2 days and nights on this, a so tired I’m almost passing out! Lot’s of things will be added to this readme. Will write later, probably tomorrow.


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