JavierSC Kotlin template

Create libraries for all types of Kotlin projects: android, JVM, Multiplatform, Gradle plugins, and
so on.


  • Easy to publish:
    • Kotlin JVM
    • Kotlin Multiplatform
    • Android library
    • Gradle Plugins
    • Version Catalog
  • Versioning based on git tags
  • Multiple patching tasks for CHANGELOG
  • Autogenerate docs for all projects
  • Code analysis with default config
  • Code formatter with default config
  • Autogenerate and update README badges
  • Autogenerate a Version Catalog with all projects in the project
  • GitHub Actions:
    • Publish all types of artifacts (MavenCentral and Gradle Plugin Portal)
    • Publish as snapshot any new push to main branch.
    • Show Detekt hints in pull requests (below code that smells)
    • Automatically patch the CHANGELOG and publish all docs to GitHub pages
    • Add new updates to the CHANGELOG when the PR is open by Renovate


  1. Go to the GitHub Actions tab
  2. Select initial-setup
  3. Press Run workflow
  4. Fill the workflow form

After that, there will be a new commit modifying/deleting all necessary files.


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