Jetpack Compose Gestures

Counterpart of onTouchEvent for Jetpack Compose and transform gesture with specific number of pointers


Creates a modifier for processing pointer motion input within the region of the modified element.

After AwaitPointerEventScope.awaitFirstDown returned a PointerInputChange then onDown is called at first pointer contact. Moving any pointer causes AwaitPointerEventScope.awaitPointerEvent then onMove is called. When last pointer is up onUp is called. To prevent other pointer functions that call awaitFirstDown or awaitPointerEvent (scroll, swipe, detect functions) receiving changes call PointerInputChange.consumeDownChange in onDown, and call PointerInputChange.consumePositionChange in onMove block.

fun Modifier.pointerMotionEvents(
    vararg keys: Any?,
    onDown: (PointerInputChange) -> Unit = {},
    onMove: (PointerInputChange) -> Unit = {},
    onUp: (PointerInputChange) -> Unit = {},
    delayAfterDownInMillis: Long = 0L
) = this.then(
    Modifier.pointerInput(keys) {
        detectMotionEvents(onDown, onMove, onUp, delayAfterDownInMillis)

and the one returns list of pointer on move

fun Modifier.pointerMotionEventList(
    key1: Any? = Unit,
    onDown: (PointerInputChange) -> Unit = {},
    onMove: (List<PointerInputChange>) -> Unit = {},
    onUp: (PointerInputChange) -> Unit = {},
    delayAfterDownInMillis: Long = 0L

PointerInputChange down and move events should be consumed if you need to prevent other gestures like scroll or other pointerInputs to not intercept your gesture

        val dragModifier = Modifier.pointerMotionEvents(
            onDown = {
                // When down is consumed
            onMove = {
            // Consuming move prevents scroll other events to not get this move event


You can refer this answer for details.


Returns the rotation, in degrees, of the pointers between the PointerInputChange.previousPosition and PointerInputChange.position states. Only number of pointers that equal to numberOfPointersRequired that are down in both previous and current states are considered.


Modifier.pointerInput(Unit) {
        onGesture = { gestureCentroid, gesturePan, gestureZoom, gestureRotate ->
            val oldScale = zoom
            val newScale = zoom * gestureZoom

            // For natural zooming and rotating, the centroid of the gesture should
            // be the fixed point where zooming and rotating occurs.
            // We compute where the centroid was (in the pre-transformed coordinate
            // space), and then compute where it will be after this delta.
            // We then compute what the new offset should be to keep the centroid
            // visually stationary for rotating and zooming, and also apply the pan.
            offset = (offset + gestureCentroid / oldScale).rotateBy(gestureRotate) -
                    (gestureCentroid / newScale + gesturePan / oldScale)
            zoom = newScale.coerceIn(0.5f..5f)
            angle += gestureRotate

            transformDetailText =
                "Zoom: ${decimalFormat.format(zoom)}, centroid: $gestureCentroid\n" +
                        "angle: ${decimalFormat.format(angle)}, " +
                        "Rotate: ${decimalFormat.format(gestureRotate)}, pan: $gesturePan"


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