MarsPhotos – Starter Code

Starter code for Android Basics in Kotlin.


Using this stater code you will create MarsPhotos is a demo app that shows actual images of Mar’s surface. These images are
real-life photos from Mars captured by NASA’s Mars rovers. The data is stored on a Web server
as a REST web service. The solution app will demonstrate the use of Retrofit to make REST requests to the web service, Moshi to
handle the deserialization of the returned JSON to Kotlin data objects, and Coil to load images by URL.

The app also leverages ViewModel,
LiveData, and
Data Binding with binding


You need to know:

  • How to create and use fragments.
  • How to use architecture components including ViewModel, and LiveData.
  • How to use coroutines for long-running tasks.

Getting Started

  1. Download and run the app.


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