Layout inspector for Android

Compose desktop application for viewing layouts and measure distance between views.

Uses adb commands under the hood adb shell screencap for screenshots and adb shell uiautomator dump for layout.

Getting started


  • Adb installed
  • Java 11 to run
  • Java 15 to package an installable

Running the application locally

./gradlew run


./gradlew package

You’ll get an installation file depending on what OS you are running.

For linux install via dpkg -i.

For mac just open the dmg file.

The app will be installed as ComposeAndroidLayoutInspector.

Known issues

Failed to get devices

Adb configuration might be wonky, either it can’t be found or it’s a different version from what you normally use.

The application will prompt you to define what adb to run. Enter it into the text field. Run which adb to find it. This is then saved as ~/.ComposeAndroidLayoutInspector.

Selection box is cropped

For some reason on a device such as Pixel3XL the selection box does not span the whole view. it seems this is an issue with uiautomator dump command not getting correct layout. If you are using an emulator try to use a different version.


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