This app is designed to show BGL readings from CamAPS as a unsleeping display, so at a glance you can see where you are.


While looking after our T1D son I don’t like interrupting our time by pulling out his phone and checking his BGL. Instead I like to put his phone down somewhere close with the BGL display locked so I can When using vanilla dexcom on iOS I did this with guided access which would:

  1. Lock the phone so if I left it no one could get out of the app
  2. Stop the screen from falling asleep which would make it easier to parse.


With CamAPS and android this is not possible without annoyance, so I made this little app. Just:

  1. enable pinning apps in settings
  2. install it (by clicking on the build in TODO) (you should already have chrome enabled to install apps from installing CamAPS)
  3. open the app
  4. enable the app to listen to notifications
  5. click the stop screen sleeping button (TODO)
  6. pin the app

The phone will not shut off, so make sure it is plugged in otherwise you will run out of battery.


Also this is my first android app, so no guarantees


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