Library API

This API is to create Books and be able to borrow from them

I’m using:

  • Spring Boot version 2.5.6
  • Kotlin 1.5.31
  • Java 11
  • I’m implementing using TDD with Mockito (maybe I to do a refactor to MockK in another branch)


I use suffix ‘Form’ for my ‘DTO’ input and ‘VIEW’ for my output. And I don’t have an external library to make the mapper. ?


  • Implements Restful API
  • Implements Log and Metrics (Actuator)
  • Covered code with Jacoco
  • Documenting API with OpenAPI
  • Deploy in Heroku or another one

How to use

  1. git clone
  2. Import as a Maven project into your IDE of choice
  3. Happy coding and leave a star ??


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