DigitalMediaPlus (Android App)


This project is based on the official digitalmediaplus website to develop a better performing native mobile application for Android operating system.

Tech-stack used

  • Kotlin + Java + XML for front-end
  • SQLITE for mobile database
  • Core PHP for backend
  • MySQL for backend database
  • Blowfish for credentials encryption/hashing
  • Android Studio for front-end development IDE
  • Jetbrains PHPStorm for Backend development IDE

Target Specifications

  • Min supported Android version: 4.4 (Kitkat)
  • Latest supported (tested) Android version: 12 (Snow Cone)
  • Data/Wifi connectivity required

Dev Progress

So far I estimated a 25% development progress on the front-end and over 50% completion on the backend.

Frontend completed modules

  • SplashScreen (intro page)
  • Welcome Screen
  • Registration Screen
  • Login Screen
  • Password Reset Screen
  • Home/Dashboard Screen
  • Main Navigation (Profile Header)
  • Side Bar
  • BulkSMS screen (3 sub-screens)

Backend completed modules

  • Registration API
  • Login API
  • Password Reset API
  • Deposit Funds API
  • Transfer Funds API
  • BulkSMS wrapper API


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