This Android application is an assignment submission for the final project of the Learn to Make Android Apps for Beginners (Belajar Membuat Aplikasi Android untuk Pemula) class on the Android Learning Path at Dicoding Indonesia.

Download APK

To download the APK (Android Package) file of this Android application can be done via this link.

Application Description

Android application that displays a list of nuclear power plants from various parts of the world, including those that are still actively operating and those that have been decommissioned.

Some of the features highlighted in this application are,

1. Main Page

  • Main page showing list of nuclear power plants.
  • The list can be clicked and will be directed to the respective detail page.
  • Has several layout or view options including list, grid, and card view. These options can be accessed via the three dots in the ActionBar at the top.
  • Type of view or layout:
    • List Displays a small image, the title or name of the nuclear power plant, and a brief description.
    • Grid Only display large images in grid format.
    • Card View Displays a medium size image, the title or name of the nuclear power plant, a short description, favorite button, and share button. Share button can be used to share information about nuclear power plants through other applications, such as chat (WhatsApp, Telegram, LINE, Twitter, Instagram Direct Messenger, etc.) or email applications. For the favorite button is still under development and only works for displaying favorite messages (Toast Messages).

2. Detail Page

  • The detail page will appear when one of the items on the list on the main page is clicked.
  • To display pictures and information or descriptions, as well as detailed specifications of nuclear power plants.
  • Back button on the ActionBar at the top to return from the detail page to the main page.

3. About Page

  • Accessible via the three dots in the ActionBar at the top of the main page.
  • Displays information from the app developer, including profile photo, name, and email.
  • Implements a button that will redirect to LinkedIn and project repository on GitHub.
  • Implements a clickable TextView to reference hyperlinks used during application development, Dicoding, YouTube, Stack Overflow, and data taken from
  • Back button on the ActionBar at the top to return from the about page to the main page.

4. Splash Screen

  • Appear when the user opens the application (click the application icon).
  • Splash screen that implements a simple animation (fade-in dissolve).

5. Application Icon

6. Light Mode and Dark Mode Theme Adjustment

Application Demo

This is a demonstration video when using the SimpleAndroidApp application on an Android smartphone. The demonstration video on YouTube can be found at this link.



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