Jetpack Compose Lab

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This repository contains a collection of Jetpack Compose samples, widgets, animations and more.

For more information, refer to Jetpack Compose documentation.

? Demo

You can try out the sample app from the releases page. Download here.

? Samples

Honeycomb Menu A honeycomb collapsible menu. • Animatable• Transitions• Custom shapes > Browse Honeycomb menu sample gif
Compass Animation It uses a canvas to draw custom paths and create a compass, whose needle animates infinitely.• Canvas• Animation• Infinite transition• Easing > Browse Compass animation sample gif
Rope drag and drop Simulate a basic rope physics.• Gestures• Drag & Drop• Canvas• Spring transition > Browse Rope sample gif
Animated Bars Music app like animation.• Animation• State transition > Browse Animated bars sample gif
Air Drop animation State based animation.• Transition• State Holder• Canvas > Browse Air drop sample gif


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