WebRTC Live Streaming

An Android client for ProjectRTC.

It is designed to demonstrate WebRTC video calls between androids and/or desktop browsers, but WebRtcClient could be used in other scenarios. Build with Android Studio 1.1.0. The Intellij IDEA version is in the master branch. You can import the webrtc-client module in your own app if you want to work with it.

It is also featured in the Android Arsenal !

How To

You need ProjectRTC up and running, and it must be somewhere that your android can access. (You can quickly test this with your android browser). Modify the host string (in res/values/strings.xml) to the server IP.

When you launch the app, you will be given several options to send a message : “Call someone”. Use this menu to send a link of your stream. This link can be opened with a WebRTC-capable browser or by another AndroidRTC. The video call should then start.

Your stream should appear as “android_test” in ProjectRTC, so you can also use the call feature there.


libjingle peerconnection