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Android application listing all possible super heroes from Marvel universe.


  • Listing gallery styled collection of heroes
  • Scrolling pagination on heroes collection
  • Activate scroll to first button after reaching threshold (5 heroes)
  • Search bar with live searching in Marvel API
  • Hero detail page with description and collection of comics


  • Shimmer loading effect
  • Custom side vertical indicator when loading more heroes
  • Custom transition to hero details
  • Expandable search bar attached to the keyboard

Screenshots & recording

Main Search Scroll To First Details
Screen 1 Screen 2 Screen 3 Screen 4

Download recording here


  • Jetpack Compose for UI
  • Hilt for dependency injection
  • Timber for logging
  • Retrofit for networking
  • GitHub Actions for CI

I have used MVVM pattern and decided on using single module since this is a very small app and I wanted to focus more on UI. Nevertheless, I have maintained package structure that would allow separation for multi module project. I am willing to discuss my choices on tech interview.


App is based on Marvel API therefore require providing API KEY.

Add API_KEY="<YOUR_KEY>" to local.properties file in the root of the project.

Github Actions loads mine API key from secrets to be able to build and run checks.


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