Android Implementation

Android app using WebView of Flask WebApp


Web Implementation using Flask


?‍♂️ How to build Web Implementation locally

  • Clone The Repo and open website directory
  • download and extract zip file at (
  • place features.pkl , image_caption_RNN_LSTM_model.h5 , vgg16_feature_extractor.h5 into working folder inside website directory
  • Install Python requirements pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Start the server for development python or python3

?‍♂️ How to build Android Implementation locally

  • Clone The Repo and open Android Studio inside the android folder
  • Android Studio will sync the gradle
  • Make Sure to run the flask WebApp (python
  • change variable URL in MainActivity from “” to the generated URL and then run the app on Emulator

Model Details

  • We Have used a Combination of pretrained CNN model (VGG-16) With only its feature extraction dense layers while removing the classification layer
  • And We Have used a Custom RNN (LSTM) Model to generate image captions
  • This Dataset was used in generation of RNN(LSTM) model for this project(
  • CNN (VGG-16) Model extracts features from images
  • RNN (LSTM) Model gives final caption output based on features


  • Custom RNN(LSTM) Model Visualized

  • Pretrained (VGG-16) Model with last 2 layers removed Visualized


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