Submission project task from Beginner Android class.


Create a simple list app with any theme

Must have features in the app:

1. Main Page

  • Displays List with a minimum number of 10 different items. Use RecyclerView to compile the list. The information displayed contains:

    • Article title
    • Provides an overview of the article (optional)
  • Pops up a detail page when an item is pressed. You can apply a click handler to each RecyclerView item

1. Detail Page


  • Displays relevant images and information on the details page.
  • Relevant information includes the similarity of the information displayed on the main page with the detail page.

1. About Page


  • Displays a photo of yourself, name, and email registered in Dicoding.
  • In accessing the about page, make sure there is a button that can be used to access the page.


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