Pager allows you to communicate with people without any infrastructure based services like cellular network or Wifi. We make this possible by transferring audio over Wifi-Direct.

Built With

  • Android – The mobile platform used
  • Wifi P2P – For establishing a connection using Wifi-Direct.

Use Cases

  1. Disaster Relief
    Usually in disaster, the whole communication infrastructure gets destroyed, this will leave all people helpless as they won’t be able to communicate even though they have the best Smartphones.
    Whether partial or complete, the failure of communications infrastructure leads to preventable loss of life and damage to property, by causing delays and errors in emergency response and disaster relief efforts.
    One solution to this problem is to use our app for communication. As this app doesn’t need any infrastructure for communication, people can use this as a means for communication.

  2. Communication on Motercycle
    Some cool ways people can use our technology to enhance riding, making it better, safer, and more fun!

  • Have live conversations with other riders in your group, so you can make route changes, signal any problems, or just make conversation while cruising

  • Talk to your passenger while riding, and even stream your own music to their speakers so you can both enjoy the same playlist.

  • Train other riders by following along behind them, giving them real-time coaching tips through the intercom.

    There are existing devices which use Bluetooth as a medium to provide the above features. While such system works but they have some disadvantage like coverage upto 100m(Bluetooth coverage) and slow transmission rate(upto 800kbps). If instead, if we were to use Wifi-Direct as a medium, the coverage would get doubled(upto 200m) and the transmission rate will become 10 times(upto 11Mbps) as compared to Bluetooth.


You are most welcome to contribute to this project!


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