LittleKt – An OpenGL game framework written in Kotlin


A mutliplatform lower level game framework inspired by libGDX and KorGE. The goal of this project is to allow the freedom and flexibility that libGDX offers with enjoyable idiomatic features coded in Kotlin that KorGE has to offer.

Check out the samples repository.

Documentation to come at a later time.


Platform Implemented
Desktop (JVM)
Web (WebGL/2)
Android Not started
iOS Not started
Desktop (Native) Not started


LittleKt was put together based on bits and pieces of features found across multiple engines/frameworks and languages that were very enjoyable to use and flexible. If a piece a code looks familiar, feel free to open an issue with details, so that we can properly attribute the code.

A big thanks to the folks over on libGDX, KorGE, and MiniGDX.

The very popular and amazing libGDX which is the main inspiration of this framework.

Carlos Velasco’s (soywiz) awesome Kotlin game engine KorGE which has a bunch of very enjoyable features and awesome ideas that were brought over to be used in LittleKt.

David Wursteisen’s excellent multiplatform game framework MiniGDX that allowed LittleKt to get up and running quickly.


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