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An investigation and comparison between Kotlin and Java on an engineering level. Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, this repository is not meant to evaluate Java or Kotlin on an aesthetic level.


This project started as an idea to explore differences in performance between different projects. It has grown now into a full fledge comparison between Java and Kotlin and ONLY for engineering purposes.

I won’t dive into style IT discussions in this project. And of course the elegant card is not the focal point here.

If you understand these terms, then I think you’ll find this project interesting.


Kotlin Coroutines

Kotlin’s coroutines work on any JDK and they can be used on most JDK’s out there.

Since I’m looking for the most efficient and performing solutions, we are going to use GraalVM in this project. Because of this, either you need to install GraalVM manually, or use sdk-man to install it:

sdk install java 22.1.0.r17-grl
sdk use java 22.1.0.r17-grl

Java Project Loom

Project Loom is itself a JDK and in order to use it, you need first to install it

check the Makefile for the most appropriate script for your operating system.

make sdk-install

Tech comparisons

We cannot 100% compare Kotlin and Java in a direct way, but we will compare them using their best performant version:

Solution VM Name VM Version Base JDK Type
Kotlin Coroutines GraalVM 22.1.0 17 Module
Project Loom Loom 19-loom+6-625 (2022/4/29) 19 JDK


gradle init



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