Kotlin Jupyter Notebook

An example notebook can be found
here: https://mybinder.org/v2/gh/cheptsov/kotlin-jupyter-demo/master?filepath=index.ipynb
With an executable notebook
here: https://hub.gke2.mybinder.org/user/cheptsov-kotlin-jupyter-demo-vmrslwff/notebooks/index.ipynb

  • TODO: Create Kotlin enabled Jupyter notebook Docker Image to avoid having to go through the trouble of installing
    everything on local machine.

Apache Zeppelin (Not used in blog post)

docker run -p 8080:8080 --rm --name zeppelin apache/zeppelin:0.10.0



Create, train and export an onnx model.

Android application

Load onnx model and enable deep learning in simple application (cat/dog recognizer)


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