Moe Memos

Moe Memos

Moe Memos is an app to help you capture thoughts and ideas.

To use this app, you must have a self-hosted ✍️memos server set up and running.


Download and install the APK package from Release.


  • Write memos like tweeting to yourself
  • Sync with your own ✍️memos server
  • Material You design with dynamic themes and themed icon
  • Group memos with tags
  • Pin and archive memos
  • View your progress with a graph
  • Full privacy protection, no data collection

Moe Memos is a third-party client for ✍️memos and both projects aren’t affiliated with each other.


Moe Memos tends to keep minimal and optimized for best native experience. The Android version is developed with Kotlin and Jetpack Compose.

Any contributions are greatly appreciated.


The Android version of Moe Memos is under GPLv3.


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