Algo Guide


The Algo Guide is an educative android app for studying data structures and algorithms. The app includes algorithm concepts and uses simple visual elements like charts, and other visual elements to simplify the understanding of the working of each algorithm like searching, sorting, etc. The app will also be included with code simultaneously to understand the concepts.

General Info

  • Different algorithm concepts
  • Visualise the best way to make it understandable
  • Embedded code to each algorithm concepts
  • Making user interface using Jetpack Compose
  • Implementing ViewModel concepts


  • Animations
  • Embedded Code
  • Adding Elements
  • Controlling Algorithm playback and stop and speed
  • Deletion of elements

Technologies Used

  • Kotlin
  • Clean Architecture


  • Jetpack Compose
  • Material Designs

Demo of Working section


Project Status

?? Project is: In progress. Implemented some features and functionalities.

?To do

  1. Building UI design
  • Creating different UI design for application Currently in progress………
  1. Adding different Algorithm in sorting section
  • Insertion sort
  • Selection Sort
  • Quick Sort
  • Bubble sort
  • Merge sort
  • Heap sort
  • Counting sort
  • Radix sort
  • Bucket sort
  1. Adding Test Cases

Getting Started


You need to know a basic understanding of

  • Android Fundamentals.
  • Kotlin language.
  • Clean architecture
  • Coroutines

So let’s get started.

  1. Install Android studio
  2. Install Android SDK(28)


  1. Fork the repo
  2. Clone the repo
  3. Start a new project as import from Version Control in android studio and paste the clone URL and finish.
  4. Run your application.


Contributions are always welcome! Contributions are what make the open-source project amazing. Which helps to learn, inspire, and found new modes in the development phase of a coder. Any contribution to this project is greatly appreciated. It is an initial level project in building phase so you can also be in it.

If you have any suggestion or found any issues please free to put your suggestion.

If you want to contribute in inital stage please check the milestone where you can work and if you want to work on please open a issue

If you like to contribute to the project you can check the to know how to contribute to the projet.

That’s all

? Needed any help and how to contact

The project has also discussion section you can discuss an issue or can share your ideas. Let’s make it as great

Also check out the discord to disucuss


Apache license


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