Lirand API

Lirand API allows you to develop Spigot plugins faster, easier
and more Kotlin-like way.

It includes a lot of cool features like:

  • Command builders based on the Mojang Brigadier
  • Three types of inventory-based menus and their builders
  • Scoreboard builder
  • Easy way to change the NBT of items and entities
  • Items and inventories serialization/deserialization
  • Event flow
  • Online player collections
  • A bunch of useful extensions for working with chat, events, items, inventories, etc.

And most importantly it is backward compatible via 1.16+ Minecraft versions.

Declaring a dependency via Gradle

Add the following to your build script:

repositories { 
    // ...
    // ...

dependencies {
    // ... 
    // ...

Replace VERSION with the version of Lirand API you need.
Also you can build the latest snapshot on the JitPack and use it as a dependency.

I highly recommend you to shade this dependency into your Jar file
as well as some dependencies of Lirand API
(MCCoroutine and AnvilGUI).


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