Git XTension

Git XTension is a command-line tool that adds convenient actions to commonly used Git commands.


Note: There are currently no features yet. This tool is in its early stages of development.

Getting started

This guide shows how to obtain a copy of the project and get the tool running on your local machine.

System requirement

This project depends on the command-line tool below being available in your environment:

  • java

Downloading the codebase

Fork this repo on GitHub and clone your fork. Alternatively, you can download this repo as a zip file and extract it.

Running the tool

Note: Use PowerShell to run commands on Windows.

  1. Navigate into the project’s root directory.

  2. Install the project as a distribution:

    ./gradlew installDist
  3. Run the tool from the build directory:

    ./build/install/gxt/bin/gxt --help

Alternatively, you can open and run the project in IntelliJ IDEA. For more on how to run the tool with arguments, see here.


Mayeku Khisa – Maintainer@mayekukhisa.


Git XTension is available under the MIT License. Copyright © 2022, Mayeku Khisa.


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