VS Code Killer

A VS Code killer that actually works.


Recently, JetBrains released a public preview of their new IDE called Fleet. Many people in the programming community declared that Fleet would be the “VS Code killer”. So I installed Fleet on my computer and opened it, and to my disappointment, the VS Code instance running on my computer was not affected. I set out to create a new VS Code killer that actually works. The result is this project.


The frontend is written in Kotlin using Compose Desktop, and the backend is written in Rust as a command line tool.



First, clone this repo and cd into the backend directory.

Then, run cargo build --release to build the vscode-killer binary.

Copy the binary to /usr/bin/ or somewhere else in your system PATH:

sudo cp target/release/vscode-killer /usr/bin/vscode-killer

You may need to copy it somewhere else if you are using Windows.

To test it, run vscode-killer and any running instance of VS Code should be killed.


Go to the frontend directory:

cd ../frontend

Build the release binary for your system:

./gradlew packageReleaseDistributionForCurrentOS

This command might be slightly different on Windows.

Once the packaging is finished, you can install it to your system and run it.

Known Issues

Smart mode is currently unavailable, but it will be coming soon™.

Also, this app currently cannot kill the web version of VS Code. I apologize for the inconvenience.


Please feel free to submit PRs and issues.


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