AIR is short for Advertising Identifier Reset. A utility app for Rooted Devices to clear / reset Advertising Identifier.

The App handles all the device formats i.e.

  • Devices with GMS Installed
  • Devices without GMS Installation (Huawei, Other Core Chinese phones, etc.)

How AIR works

For devices with GMS Installed, the process is pretty straightforward which simply deletes the file adid_settings.xml!

On devices without GMS, you’ll have to paste the Advertising Identifier once so that the app can traverse the filesystem & store the path of the file that contains the identifier. This is used then to fetch the identifier which can be deleted anytime (if it exists). Note: There can be instances where multiple files contain the provided identifier, the path of the first file is used in that case. Yes I do plan to do something about that in the future.

But Why?

  • I was bored ?
  • I don’t want that blue colored big bad to show me Ads about the things I’ve just thought about ?
  • I didn’t wanna navigate to Settings everytime ?‍♂️


  • Add WorkManager support for periodically resetting the Advertising Identifier.


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