A tiny framework to execute shell scripts on Android


I first sought out to create a basic script manager for Android. This project turned out to be called Scrippy. Sadly, I spent just two days creating the application and realized that I was disappointed in myself. I honestly hated the end product. It was unnecessary, ugly, and definitely not a true testament to what I stand for. My apps have always been about simplicity and minimalism. My apps should do one thing, and they should do it well. They should not be complicated, frustrating, or ugly. I decided to redeem myself with Skippy. Skippy is the name of a best friend’s dog that sadly passed away a few years ago. Even though he wasn’t my dog, I still considered him part of my extended family. I miss Skippy. I miss the time where he jumped on my stomach in the middle of the night, and I had to wake him up. I miss how Skippy used to bury himself on you when you sat down. I miss when Skippy would jump on the couch when my friend’s parents weren’t home. I miss when Skippy used to dig into his bed at midnight and keep us up for hours until he finally went to bed. This app goes out to Skippy.


Simply share/open a line of code or a file with Skippy (the app, not the dog). It will launch an instance of the program and hold a wakelock until it is finished executing. It has basic internet privileges (http and https). It does not support any form of input.


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