A template that utilizes both Scala and Kotlin because why not (And also because I endorse programming hell)


You need two dependencies for this if you are utilizing both Kotlin and Scala.

  1. Scala’s dependency (Found at: https://github.com/FabricMC/fabric-language-scala)
  2. Kotlin’s dependency (Found at: https://github.com/FabricMC/fabric-language-kotlin)

You REQUIRE Java 17 to run your mod. If you do not have a JDK or if your JDK is out of date (i.e. you’re still on Java 16 or below), I suggest that you download Adoptium’s JDK, formerly AdoptOpenJDK. (https://adoptium.net/)

Once you have both of those I guess you should be fine. Don’t look at me beacuse I don’t make Minecraft mods. I gave up after a while.


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