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This is a service mapper for the ProGuard
Java bytecode obfuscator.

It fixes the issue that files in the META-INF/services directory are not renamed or adapted to the new class names.

It replaces the original Jar file with a new one that contains the renamed services.

It consists of the following modules:

ProGuard Service Mapper CLI

For convenience, the service mapper can be run from the command line. Withouth any additional arguments, it will print
help information.


$ java -jar proguard-service-mapper-cli-<version>.jar -i <input-file> -m <mapping-file>

ProGuard Service Mapper Maven

This plugin is intended to be integrated into your Maven build process and run after
the ProGuard Maven plugin.

Usage in Maven

  <version>1.0-SNAPSHOT</version> <!-- Update with the version you want to use, preferably the latest -->
    <input><!-- The obfuscated input file --></input>
    <mapping><!-- The mapping file from ProGuard --></mapping>


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