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YAWA is a simple single screen, single activity weather app with material UI.

This repository is mainly focused on people who want to get started in open source with Android Development.

Built with Kotlin and XML.

Getting Started

  • ? Cloning the Repository

    • fork YAWA into your github.

    • cd into your preferred folder from CMD/Powerdhell/Terminal.

    • type the following command to clone the project in the folder.

    git clone repository_link

    • load up the project in android studio and now you are ready to work with code.

  • ▶️ Contribution

    • After making necessary changes according the issue, commit and push the code directly from Android Studio.

    • Then open your forked github repository of YAWA.

    • Create a pull request for your code and wait for us to review your code and merge.

Download the logo from here

Get involved

❤️ Community

Join Telegram Chat:https://t.me/+h_EZ6QprQss0MDVl
Join Discord Server:https://t.me/+h_EZ6QprQss0MDVl

Special Credits

Anshu Pandey: For helping with discord server

Grabster: For providing beautiful icons for the app

Report Issues

If you faced some unknown issues and errors or some existing feature is not working, please report it in the Telegram Channel or Discord Server with exact steps of what you did
before the issue happened which basically means reproducing the error to solve it.

In case of any other queries, feel free to ask in the groups and tag us for a faster reply.


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