A simple Kotlin compiler plugin example

This Kotlin compiler plugin generates a top level class:

public final class foo.bar.MyClass {
    fun foo(): String = "Hello world"

This plugin uses 1.8.20-dev-1278 bootstrap Kotlin version and should be used also with the same version of the compiler.

The plugin uses the K2 compiler.

Also, the plugin use the Kotlin compiler test infrastructure. The compiler-plugin module has a special task generateTests that generates simple box tests. Please, don’t change the generated tests manually.

The test resources’ folder contains also a dumped FIR and IR representations.

How to run

The repository has the example folder, you can compile the Main.kt manually with the compiler plugin:

  1. Build a jar file with the plugin (you can find it in compiler-plugin/build/libs folder)
  2. Compile the Main.kt file with the Kotlin compiler at least 1.8.20-dev-1278 version:
kotlinc -verbose -Xuse-k2 -Xplugin=path_to_plugin_jar path_to_Main_kt

2* – you can download the Kotlin repository, run the dist task and get the necessary version of the Kotlin compiler. 3) run java foo.bar.MainKt, it will print Hello world


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