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Wanna buy stuff from Spar? Well, make a list …


This is a pretty little android application written in Kotlin which will help you make a nice shopping list. You can add items, mark them as bought/not bought, delete them one by one, or delete them all at once.


If you wish to compile and run the application, just import the whole project in Android Studio and build it.

Alternatively, you can download and install app-debug.apk on your android device.


The application implements:

  • Multiple Activities (Splash Screen, Main, New Item)
  • Lists (RecyclerView)
  • Persistent data storage (Room)
  • Network communication (Retrofit for Currency Rates)

UI Elements

The Shopping List can display:

  • icon for the item (an ImageView based on the Category),
  • checkbox whether it has been bought or not (user can change it during shopping),
  • name of the item
  • additional attributes can also be displayed of course!

All the image/icon assets are included in the Assets folder


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