Digital Tijori ?

Digital Tijori app lets you store your bank accounts, cards and credentials. You can link cards and credentials to a particular bank account, and view them all at a glance. This app demonstrates the use of Clean architecture using MVVM, Dependency Injection, Room Database with multiple tables and relationships between them, Kotlin Flows & Coroutines, Jetpack Datastore, Jetpack Compose, Biometric authentication and other Mordern Android Development practices.

Install the app

APK: Digital Tijori v1.0.0

Built With ?

  • Clean Architecture principles – To better scale and structure the project.
  • MVVM – Architecture used.
  • Kotlin – Programing language used to build the app.
  • Dagger-Hilt – For dependency injection.
  • Room – For persistance local data storage.
  • Jetpack Datastore – For storing preferences.
  • Kotlin Coroutines – To execute asynchronous and non-blocking code.
  • Kotlin Flows – For asynchronous data handling / For reactive programing.
  • Jetpack Compose – For building UI declaratively.

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