GFE Search Generator

There are currently tens of thousands of known variants of the Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) genes, the genes most responsible for transplant success or failure, with new variants (known as “alleles”) being discovered and “named” every day. The current names give very little information about the structure of the proteins encoded by these genes, and in 2015, Dr. Steven Mack proposed a new naming convention called Gene Feature Enumeration (GFE). New tools are required to use the new GFE naming convention, including (1) the ability to switch between the HLA allele names and the GFE names, (2) search through the GFE names, and (3) assign GFE names to new alleles.

The project is built using Kotlin, JVM 11, OpenJavaFX 0.0.9, and TornadoFX, bundled together with Gradle.


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