kpm (Kotlin Project Manager) is a lightweight tool for managing and building Kotlin projects.

Why should I use kpm?

  • Gradle is absolutely massive, and a lot of the fancy gradle features either get in the way, or are not used by
    small projects. Yes kpm does use Gradle as a build system, but that is because there is no other alternatives at
    the moment. as kpm matures, we will switch to using kpm.
  • As for Maven, well… Do you like working with XML? If you say yes, you’re lying to yourself.

How do I use it?

kpm is in early development, however it is usable! If you run into any problems, please open
an issue.

  • 1. Install kpm:

    Instructions coming soon

  • 2. Create a project:

    [email protected] % kpm init
    What is your project's name?: my-kpm-application
    [kpm] Creating project: my-kpm-application
    [kpm] Project created! Run kpm build to build your project.
         $ cd ./my-kpm-application
         $ kpm build

    When you use the kpm init command, kpm will create your kpm.kts script automatically.

    A simple Main.kt file will also be created for you.

  • 3. Build your project:

    [email protected] % cd ./my-kpm-application
    [email protected] % kpm build
    [kpm] Evaluating project script...
    [kpm] Evaluated project my-kpm-application!
    [kpm] Resolved org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-stdlib:1.5.31 -> .../kotlin-stdlib-1.5.31.jar
    [kpm] Creating package...
    [kpm] Build successful! (./package/my-kpm-application.jar)


  • KPM is not affiliated with JetBrains or Kotlin in any way


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