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This project consists on an advanced Theme Park server core designed to scale massively.

This plugin includes the following features:

  • Warp Management
  • 1:1 Point Locator
  • General Utility Commands
  • Chat Formatting
  • Custom Join Messages

all right out of the box…

Known issues:

  • Warp & Point files do not automatically generate on server-startup
  • warps.yml randomly resets its self.

I’m aware of these issues and as such I’m working on a fix for both of these.

Setup instructions:

  • Load the plugin onto a empty server
  • Restart your server
  • Configure to your liking

Technologies Used:

  • Kotlin
  • Cloud Framework
  • SpigotAPI
  • Gradle

Plugin Hooks

  • FAWE (FastAsyncWorldEdit)
  • Vault Future

Some thoughts:

xLite is incredibely hard to maintain with our small development team, there is a lot of time put into every line of this plugin.

If you’d like to help with the project, even as someone without any code experience, here are some things that would greatly help me out:

  • Testing
  • Writing on the Wiki
  • Reporting Issues
  • Helping Plan future features
  • Donating This will be implemented in the future


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