libGDX Template

With Gradle Kotlin DSL

How to use

Clone this repo

You’d better not to hit the green button, Use this template, because it will create a new repository referencing to this repo.

Run the shell script below in your terminal to clone this repo. It works on both Windows and Unix-like system, if you’ve installed git.

git clone --depth 1

Then change directory to libGDXTemplateGame folder, or whatever you named, and delete the .git folder that contains git history from this repo.

Download release

Check the release page and find which one you want.

You can just download the source code, .zip or .tar.gz, to get an archive.

When this template is changed due to an upgrade of libGDX, the release is considered a backup.

Rename to yours

Then, replace the strings or packages to yours in the following positions.

It’s recommended to refactor/replace all with an IDE.


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