Markov is a Kotlin library used to analyse discrete Markov chains, in order to generate plausible sequences.



This project is still under work, and although it has a few basic features, it’s not yet production ready.

The core library provides a generic way to analyse input, store the relevant statistics, and generates the output.

The main library provides sample on text, allowing one to generate random words that sound like the input data set.


Contribution is fully welcome. Before submitting a Pull Request, please verify you comply with the following checklist :

  • All public classes, methods and fields must be documented
  • All code must be unit tested (duh…)
  • All code should be usable with and without the Android SDK, from Java and Kotlin


This library is completely free to use and modify (as per the License).
I try my best to make it as good as possible, but only do this on my free time.
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Xavier F. Gouchet – @xgouchet

Distributed under the MIT license. See for more information.


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