🗿 Overview

⚠️ WARNING: intera.kt is a work in progress. It is not yet ready for use. You may encounter bugs and other issues,
but please report if you find any. This project will be updated regularly, if you have any suggestions for improvements,
feel free to use the issue tracker to submit them.

SIMPLE EXPLANATION: intera.kt is an abstractive tool that can be implemented in almost any platform. The default
platform used for intera.kt is Kord, since I consider it the best library for interacting with the Discord
platform using the Kotlin programming language.

intera.kt is a Kotlin library for interacting with the Discord Interactions API through a gateway service or a REST API.

🪑 Table of contents

📚 Getting Started with Gradle

🚧 README.md is under construction.

🏃 Examples

🚧 README.md is under construction.


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