Shopware 6 Toolbox


Shopware 6 Toolbox is a helper plugin for Shopware 6 development. It adds some live templates and scaffolding of common Shopware files.

Current features:

  • Lot of live templates for developing. Use STRG + J to see all live templates of current scope
  • Generators:
    • Vue.js Admin component
    • config.xml
    • Extend this block in Storefront with auto file creation
    • Vue module
    • Scheduled task
    • Changelog
  • Inspection to show an error when abstract class is used incorrectly in the constructor
  • Autocompletion for:
    • Admin component
    • Snippets in Administration and Storefront
    • Storefront functions theme_config, config, seoUrl, sw_include and sw_extends
    • Repositories at this.repositoryFactory.create
    • Module.register labels
    • Show only admin component autocompletion when the twig file is next to an index.js
    • Feature flag


  • Using IDE built-in plugin system:

    Settings/Preferences > Plugins > Marketplace > Search for "Shopware 6 Toolbox" >
    Install Plugin

  • Manually:

    Download the latest release and install it manually using
    Settings/Preferences > Plugins > ⚙️ > Install plugin from disk...

No one aint time for user documentation, so here are a few tweets:

Click the links, images included!

Adding admin component completion to #Shopware 6 Toolbox plugin. Autocomplete for component + props working. Jumping to the component works also using STRG + CLICK. Also added feature flag autocompletion + a quick plugin generator

— Shyim (@Shyim97) September 25, 2021

New day new #Shopware plugin update prepared. This time theme_config and config autocomplete. Have a wish for the next feature? Create an issue with your idea 🙂

— Shyim (@Shyim97) September 28, 2021

How to be lazier while creating #Shopware 6 extensions. Alt+Enter on any Storefront twig block => Extend block. 😂.

— Shyim (@Shyim97) September 29, 2021