Factory is a flexible, customizable, lightweight generator core. It is designed to act only as a base, and then to be extended using your own plugins.


You can configure the types of generators in the gens.toml file.

name = "&eBasic" # The prefix for the gen blocks and items.
blockId = "minecraft:yellow_glazed_terracotta" # Block used for the gen
itemId = "minecraft:yellow_dye" # Item dropped by the gen
cooldown = 200 # How often (in ticks) an item will be dropped by a gen

Skript Integration

Factory provides a few simple expressions for accessing generators.


Fetches a generator using the specified ID.

generator [(with|by) [id]] %string%

Generator Item

Returns the item for a generator.

item of %generator%

Generator Produce

Returns the produce for a generator.

produce of %generator%


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