Physics Layout

This library offsers a custom Jetpack Compose layout that is backed by some physics engine. Currently it is powered by and tightly coupled with dyn4j.

Sample App

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How to use (?)

To get started (and to be honest, there is not much you can currently do after you got started) create a PhysicsLayout and fill it with Composables. Every root level Composable in PhysicsLayout must use the body modifier to tell the simulation how the Composable behaves in the physics world. The body modifier can be configured with following parameters:

  • id: The id the body should have in the simulation. Useful for operations that act directly on bodies (not yet supported).
  • shape: Describes the outer bounds of the body. Only RoundedCornerShapes are supported.
  • isStatic: Set true for unmovable bodies like walls and floors.
  • initialTranslation: Where this body should be placed in the layout. An Offset of (0,0) is the center of the layout, not top left.
  • initialImpulse: The impulse that should be applied to this body once it’s placed into the world

PhysicsLayout takes a Simulation as a parameter. Use rememberSimulation to create a Simulation. rememberSimulation is used as the default argument for simulation.

Example usage

PhysicsLayout {
        modifier = Modifier.body(
            shape = CircleShape,
        shape = CircleShape,
    ) {
            modifier = Modifier
            imageVector = Icons.Default.Star,
            contentDescription = "Star",
            tint = Color.White

This would add a ball with a star in the center of the layout, which then starts falling to the ground.

Note: The shape must be set on both the body modifier and the Card.

Change gravity

If you need to change the gravity of the simulated world, use Simulation.setGravity

Caveats, notes, missing features

  • I don’t think Compose was made to display hundrets of Composables at the same time. So maybe it’s not a good idea to build a particle system out of this.
  • In general, what is true for all of Compose is especially true for this Layout: Release builds perform way better than debug builds.
  • State is not restored on config changes ?.
  • Currently there is no way to interact with the bodies.
  • Currently there is no way to observe bodies / collosions / etc.


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