A curated list of standards, tests and benchmarks that can be used for testing and evaluating dev tools


  1. Add the description of the benchmark to benchmarks directory.
    For each benchmark need to create a file in a TOML format.

  2. Give a good name to your file and add the following content (please note, that all fields are required):

    # benchmark name 
    name = ''
	# select the most applicable category (from the [list](
    category = ''
	# mark your benchmark with custom tags (your custom OR [existing]( or add your own)
    tags = ['', '']
    # programming language
    language = ''
    # license used in the project (from the [list](
    license = ''
	# number of tests/cases/scenarios/benchmarks
	scenarios_num = 0
	# free text with a small desciption of the benchmark
    description = ''

    # the link to the home page of the benchmark
    homepage = ''
    # the link to the source code
    sources = ''
	# the link to the page with documentation 
	documentation = ''
  1. Create a Pull Request

  2. Validate your input with the following:gradlew.bat build (WIN) or ./gradlew build (LINUX) (or wait until it will be validated automatically using GitHub Actions CI/CD).
    We validate your input to make this list/library consistent, you won’t be able to merge without a validation.


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