In this project, my goal is to implement the knowledge that I previously gained in Kotlin into an Android Studio app. I have never made an app so this project is there to expose me to other aspects of creation in the coding industry.

My app, simply put, is a counter app that has the purpose of displaying a count that increases by a desired increment everytime a button is pushed.

My purpose with this app was to create an app idea I have had for awhile. While It probably won’t ever make it to the app store, it has exposed me to new design resources and methods. {Provide a link to your YouTube demonstration. It should be a 4-5 minute demo of the app running and a walkthrough of the code.}

Software Demo Video

Development Environment

I used the Android Studio application and the Kotlin language, which runs on top of Java.

Useful Websites

Future Work

  • A dropdown menu of pre-set values
  • A button to decrement by the same value
  • Better aesthetics


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