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? Description:

Developed a collaborative Drawing Application, specifically for Construction and Planning purposes with multiple teams who are not in the same area. In a construction project, architectural drawings are developed before actual on-ground work start. Once drawings are developed, all planning, discussion, and reporting happen over drawings. This application makes the process much easier and efficient.

? Sample Demo:

? Built With:

  • MVVM Architecture.
  • Kotlin Programming language.
  • Coroutines.
  • Android Studio.

? Steps to Build locally:

  • Open Android Studio IDE.
  • Clone with git clone https://github.com/Akash-Ramjyothi/StackOverflow-Ing.
  • Select whether to run on Android Emulator or Physical Device connected with USB.

? How to Contribute?

PRs Welcome Open Source Love svg2

  • Take a look at the Existing Issues or create your own Issues!
  • Wait for the Issue to be assigned to you after which you can start working on it.
  • Fork the Repo and create a Branch for any Issue that you are working upon.
  • Create a Pull Request which will be promptly reviewed and suggestions would be added to improve it.
  • Add Screenshots to help me know what this Code is all about.

? Developed By:

Akash Ramjyothi

               ☎️ PH:+91 8939928002.

? References Used:


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