KordEx Bot Template

This repository contains a basic KordEx example bot for you to use as a template for your own KordEx bots. This includes the following:

  • A basic extension that allows you to slap other people, using both message commands and slash commands
  • A basic bot configuration that enables slash commands and shows you how to conditionally provide a different message command prefix for different guilds
  • A Gradle Kotlin build script that makes use of the Kotlin Discord public maven repo, Detekt for linting (with a fairly strict configuration), and a Git commit hook plugin that runs Detekt when you make a commit – this also makes use of Gradle 7’s new version catalog feature, for easy configuration of dependencies
  • GitHub CI scripts that build the bot and publish its artefacts
  • A reasonable .gitignore file, including one in the .idea folder that ignores files that shouldn’t be committed – if you’re using IDEA yourself, you should install the Ignore plugin to handle changes to this for you
  • A Groovy-based Logback config, so you have reasonable logging out of the box
  • A Gradle wrapper using Gradle 7.1.1

Potential Changes

  • The .yml files in .github/ are used to configure GitHub apps. If you’re not using them, you can remove them.
  • The provided LICENSE file contains The Unlicense, which makes this repository public domain. You’ll probably want to change this – we suggest looking at Choose a License if you’re not sure where to start.
  • In the build.gradle.kts:
    • Set the group and version properties as appropriate
    • If you’re not using this to test KordEx builds, you can remove the mavenLocal() from the repositories block
    • In the application and tasks.jar blocks, update the main class path/name as appropriate
    • To target a newer/older Java version, change the options in the KotlinCompile configuration and java blocks
  • In the settings.gradle.kts, update the name of the root project as appropriate.
  • The bundled Detekt config is pretty strict. You can check over detekt.yml if you want to change it, but you need to follow the TODOs in that file regardless.
  • The Logback configuration is in src/main/resources/logback.groovy. If the logging setup doesn’t suit, you can change it there.

Bundled Bot

  • App.kt includes a basic bot which uses environment variables (or variables in a .env file) for the testing guild ID (TEST_SERVER) and the bot’s token (TOKEN). You can specify these either directly as environment variables, or as KEY=value pairs in a file named .env. This file also includes some example code that shows one potential way of providing different command prefixes for different servers.
  • TestExtension.kt includes a simple example extension that creates a slap command. This command works as both a message command and slash command, and allows you to slap other users with whatever you wish, defaulting to a large, smelly trout.

To test the bot, we recommend using a .env file that looks like the following:


Create this file, fill it out, and run the run gradle task for testing in development.


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